Working Together With Small Business
Team up with Turquoise Thyme as a small or medium sized business to accelerate your business performance.
You’ll be working with an experienced business coach with a proven track record of success in major corporations. One who believes in developing you and your business so you are better able to tackle future challenges.  
Leadership Coaching
For your leaders or management we offer one-on-one coaching to provide independent support, leadership development and more.
Having an outside perspective, we’re able to help you shape the future direction of the future for the business you want and to be the best leader(s) you can be.
Team and Individual Coaching
Unlock your individual and collective performance for the greater benefit of the business with individual or group coaching.

Typically,  we work with you to:
  • - help teams improve their team performance and deliver great results
  • - new team members and newly promoted leaders  become effective in their roles quickly
  • - work out how to solve business issues
  • - plan and deliver projects and business changes
  • - deliver exceptional results
  • - improve team ways of working together so they are more effective and efficient
  • - grow  management and leadership skills in your teams

When additional skills are required our facilitated learning sessions provide results that can be immediately applied to real work situations.
Mastermind Group
Expereince the benefits of coaching and business development as part of a mastermind group.  Join with up to five other business leaders for a series of 3 challenging and supportinve group coaching sessions where you will work on your business opportunities and challenges.  These groups include  local in person groups, and virtual groups, all designed to be cost and time efficient. 
Bespoke Packages
You know something needs to change in your business but, you may or may not know what those changes should be.  Working together we’ll identify required changes, and develop a bespoke solution that meets your criteria (including budget). From there, we’ll work with you to develop your strategies and skills to make lasting changes in your business that give immediate results. 
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