Working Together With Corporates
 Your organisation faces its own unique set of challenges, and we can help you  to get smarter, faster and more creative solutions to the challenges and opportunities you face on the road to meeting your business goals.

We offer challenging, creative and supportive coaching and facilitation expertise combined with a passion for powerful and lasting results, based on years of experience in the corporate sector.
In collaboration with you as our client, we craft and deliver strategic solutions to your real- life business problems. The end result is that your team is engaged, creative and able to make a bigger impact.  to support more strategic and creative thinking, higher engagement and a bigger impact.

If you don’t see exactly what you need below, please talk to us about how we can  support you with a bespoke package designed to give your organisation just what it needs when it needs it.
Strategic Facilitation  & Group Coaching
  Developing your People and your Team 
 When you’re looking to implement lasting change in your business, to identify opportunities or to solve problems, we can help!
Working together, we can design and deliver a custom event based on your organisation’s needs. Our events will engage your team in the changes you are looking to make and unlock their collective potential to deliver them.
Here’s just a few ways our clients have used these services:
  • - strategy development and implementation
  • - ideation and innovation processes
  • - project developments
  • - cultural change programmes
  • - organisational design projects
  • - departmental or company conferences
Our strategic facilitation process starts before the event and continues post-event to ensure you gets lasting results.
As a valued third-party we can free you up to focussed on contributing to the event rather than designing, delivering and managing the process.
Plus, as a facilitator we have years of experience, and your organisation benefits from having someone neutral design and deliver the change process.


You don’t need us to tell you how important your people are or the value in investing in their success.  When it comes to your talent, you need a way to focus on development while supporting  your organisation’s objectives.​

We are specialists  in using facilitated learning to build skills using live projects and work situations.  We combine this with our challenging and supportive coaching so you get the benefit of your investment right away.
Additionally, our expertise in team development means we can work with your team to build their skills and team effectiveness while they deliver on your business agenda.  This can be particularly beneficial for project teams who find themselves needing to be effective quickly and working in ways which can be new for them.
Our coaching programmes maximises the effectiveness of an employee from the day they join through their entire career with your organisation.
Here are a few ways our clients have used these services:
  • - individual development programmes
  • - team building days
  • - leadership coaching
  • - project management skills
  • - leadership and management skills
  • - new hire onboarding
  • - embedding  management initiatives
  • - high potential programmes
  • - 360 degree feedback initiatives 

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