Time management to create the life you want

You started your business to make your world a better place. Maybe it was to pay for a few extras or to have more flex time in your schedule.

But your reality is feeling messy, or even out of control. You’ve got a to-do list a mile long and you worry that what you’re doing isn’t good enough. Or that something is going to get missed...

It does not have to be this way.

Imagine knowing you were doing the most important things, that everything was under control and you could easily see what you are achieving? It is entirely possible!
Join us for a half day workshop and leave with all the tools and techniques you need to successfully fit your direct sales business into your busy schedule. You’ll also get a beautiful planner which will help set you up for ongoing success.

During this training, you’ll learn how to make the most of the time you have for your business and how to use your planner effectively so you can remember all the great things you are achieving so when that naughty self doubt creeps back in you can instantly be reminded just how brilliant you are.

During our time together we will cover the key time management techniques you need including:
  • effective goal setting
  • understanding what is important and what is urgent
  • time blocking, the 4 D’s (do dump delay or delegate)
  • bullet journalling
  • finding focus
  • procrastination beating techniques
  • Ways to stay resilient.

At the end of this fun and creative workshop you will know how to make sure you are not working your business at the expense of your family and other commitments. Plus, you’ll have your focus on the most important things for your business, that you have not forgotten something for a customer or team member and that you are being really productive and not just busy. (How awesome would that be?!?!)
​​The workshop has been specially designed by Bekka Prideaux, a corporate coach with over 25 years coaching and leadership experience.  She has lost count of the number of people she has helped develop their time management skills. Additionally Bekka runs a very successful direct sales business of her own, directs play and maintains a busy social life with family and friends.  She helps people find their creativity and to shine in their own worlds.

Bekka developed this workshop to help her own direct sales team and is excited to be able to share it with you.

You should book this workshop if:
  • You feel you really need something like this but just don’t have the time
  • You want to make sure your business fits with your life rather than takes it over
  • You want to position yourself for success
  • You enjoy or want to enjoy feeling like everything's under control
  • You love pretty paper and want a planner that really works for you

To find out when the next Stress Less Time Management for Direct Sellers Workshop is please email hello@turquoisethyme.co.uk
​​Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a diary / planner I love?
That is great and we are not saying it is the only planner you can use!  The techniques you learn can be adapted to be incorporated into your planner.  However to get the maximum benefit from this workshops using the planner provided will allow you to both plan forward in a way you can share with your customers and to look back over what you have achieved not just in your business.

How much does this workshop cost?
The workshop costs just £99 and includes the beautiful planner which you will take home with you and can use right away.

Where are these workshops held?
Currently they are held in Central Leighton Buzzard (with easy access to both the road and rail networks)  If you would like this workshop to come to you (and your team) this can be arranged.  The cost of the workshop itself will remain the same but out of pocket travel expenses will also be charged.

What times are the workshops?
The workshops will either be between 9.30 and 12.30 or between 12.30 and 15.30  Please email for details of the next available programme.

This sounds great - how can I involve my team?
This workshop can be delivered to your team as part of a team meeting.  The cost per team member will be £99 and you will be charged for out of pocket travel expenses.