Do you start the day with big plans, but then you quickly find yourself down the rabbit hole and your to-do list goes untouched? Or you’ve got a task list a mile long, big goals and so much more you want to do, but you’re going in circles.​

You don’t need to feel this way!

As a coach, I can help you craft a plan and become more productive than ever before.  And yes, that IS possible - you just need to learn the skills and tools to help you make it happen.

The Planned and Seriously Productive Package is designed to meet your specific needs based on my years of experience working with those working in big corporations, small businesses and individuals to help them succeed with whatever they put their mind to.

Here’s What We Cover:
  • Goal Setting & Vision: Determining where you want to be including goal setting and your vision for your work and life.
  • Reality Check: A review of what is currently working and not working for you in how you’re doing things now so you can identify what needs to change.
  • Time Management Principles and Techniques: We’ll use a variety of proven techniques including Covey, the 12 Week Year, Mind Mapping and Bullet Journalling (based on your needs) to help you set the rituals and practices you need.

Based on the above, we’ll work together to design your individualized Planned and Seriously Productive framework that will help you make big (and little) things happen.

Is this Package Right for Me?

This package is perfect-for-you if:
  • You’re not meeting business goals for the year
  • You constantly feel overwhelmed, swamped​ or stuck
  • You know there’s got to be another or better way
  • You feel like all you do is work, work and work
  • You’re always running out of time and feel disorganised

When we’re done working together, you’re going to have an amazing master plan that helps you move ahead and be productive in ways you never thought possible.

Plus, you’ll finally feel like you’re in control and have the skills you need to manage your day in a way that really works for you.

I know you’ve probably tried different methods over the years, but this is different. It’s based on years of experience coaching and training in personal productivity and development.

When you’re done, you won’t just have a system from a book that might work for you. Instead you’ll have a blend of tools and techniques that suit how your brain works, how you best manage your time and more.

Plus, I do everything in my power to make this fun so it actually sticks!

How it works

We'll kick off with a day together setting your goals, checking what is and is not working for you now, learning principles and techniques of time management and setting up your personal master plan and Seriously Productive Framework.  This workshop is highly interactive and you get hands-on support from me. 

We'll follow this up with three short sessions over the following three months checking on your progress and tweaking your system as required.  

You will also have access to the Planned and Seriously Productive Community, an exclusive private Facebook Group where you and others who have taken the Planned and Seriously Productive Package can ask questions and share your productivity successes.

There are three levels of this package available

Planned and Seriously Productive Group - Join a group of up to 12 people and benefit from this package with a group of like minded individuals who are looking to be more productive.

VIP Planned and Seriously Productive - As a VIP you will get all the benefits of the package plus the flexibility & focus of having all your sessions one to one with me.

Corporate - This package can be delivered to you and your colleagues so you get the added benefit of boosting your team's productivity.

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