Leading In Uncertain Times
BREXIT and the current political situation have highlighted something which is always a reality for leaders, leading in uncertain times. Yes, the current situation has magnified the level of uncertainty and brought it into focus.  And yes that means our leadership skills are also very visible right now.

With all the noise from the media and the ever changing situation causing concern to our customers, clients and teams, how can we as leaders identify what we should be working on right now?  What can we truly action?  And how do we and our teams stay focussed while not ignoring the environment that we operate in.

The simple truth is that if the premise of your business continues to add value to your customers and clients, and your business goals are robust, then what you were working on yesterday is almost certainly what you should still be working on today.  That is not to say you should not be monitoring the external environment, but ideally this should be business as usual anyway.

Given the magnification and likely level of upcoming changes in our business worlds now however is the time for a business thinking check-up.

Taking my own advice and focussing on what I can do to make a difference for you, to really serve your business needs right now I wanted to highlight the following offerings from Turquoise Thyme.

Leadership Thinking Session:  One to one time (either in person or over skype) to review your current situation and leadership priorities, consider possible next steps and then build an actionable plan.
Mastermind Groups: You bring together the people in your organisation who are best able to build a business plan for the current situation.  We will provide and facilitate a process to develop a robust plan and develop the group’s ability to run a similar process with their own teams.
Leading In Uncertain Times Programme.  A one-day course for you and your leaders developing knowledge, skills and strategies to lead in uncertain times.  This course can be tailored to suit your organisation’s requirements

And for July and August 2016 I am offering reduced rates on each of these three offerings.  

For more information on any or all of these programmes please email hello@turquoisethyme.co.uk

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