Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Starting to fly?

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Starting a new adventure is both scary and exciting.  I had forgotten just how scary.  Even when you know in your heart of hearts it is something that you not only want to do but that you need to do, even when everything and everyone is telling you it is right, it can still feel more than a little scary.
As I set about launching Turquoise Thyme much of the time the excitement carried me through.  As my thoughts on who I am as a coach and what Turquoise Thyme is going to represent and offer consolidated and became clearer that positive energy built.  Most of the time.
Then there were the moments of self-doubt, those moments where I worried about failure.  That pesky inner voice of insecurity can get very loud some days.
While chatting about my plans for Turquoise Thyme to a very wise friend she noticed that downward shift in energy and asked me what had changed.  I confessed that I was worried I might fail and she just laughed.  Somewhat confused I asked her why she was laughing and she reminded of something that apparently I say a lot – what if you don’t? Fail that is.
Sometimes it is easier to believe in the potential of others than it is to believe in your own.   My challenge to you this week is to answer that pesky inner voice of insecurity back every time you hear it doubting you.  Instead of listening and accepting its suggestions of failure, instead ask yourself ‘what if I fly?’