Executive Fast Start Coaching

Achieving impactful results fast with senior leaders as they start a new role
You have invested your time, money and energy in finding the perfect person to join your organization as a senior leader.  While the hiring process is done, the real work is just starting.  Now is the time to set your new team member up for success. After all, you’ve hired them to solve a problem and you need them to be effective in their new role as soon as humanly possible.

Their induction is planned and everything is in place, but you know from experience that sometimes things just don’t go according to plan.  You have made sure your new colleague has all the skills and experience they need, so now you need to ensure they settle into your company quickly and are delivering the results you are looking for.

That is where Executive Fast Start Coaching comes in

This coaching programme is designed to support your onboarding process and take things one step further by providing your new hires a neutral, third-party coach and therefore the time and space to think through what they are learning about their new organisation. They can do this without the pressure of meeting expectations or  without any concerns about saying the wrong thing to the wrong person and negatively impacting their career.

Furthermore, it’s the ideal way to start your new hires off right, particularly your senior managers, as it shows you’re ready to invest in their success. (This can be used as a selling point for the organisation in the recruiting process.)

What's Involved?

Delivered by a coach with over 25 years of leadership and coaching experience, this coaching package includes six one hour sessions with each of your new hires.  

Session 1 is delivered before the individual starts and covers all aspects of getting ready for their new role.  It includes moving away from their previous role, defining their approach to the role and the critical success factors for the first week.

Session 2 is delivered at the end of their first week.  It includes review and reflection on their first week, the identification of key relationships and how to build them, and defining the goals / critical success factors for the first month.

​Session 3 is delivered at the end of their second week.  As well as reflecting on what has been learnt so far and identifying what still needs to be learned this session includes identifying the key challenges for the role, prioritising them and starting to build the plan for the next 12 weeks.

Session 4 is delivered at the end of the first month.  Having reviewed and reflected on their first month in the role this session includes a review of their plan for the next 10 weeks, critical success factors over the next 4 weeks and a review of the team around them.

Session 5 is delivered at the end of the second month.  It includes a review of the month, planning for the third month and building an outline plan for the next six months.

Session 6 is delivered at the end of the third month and focuses on reviewing progress and learning to date, and a review of the overall process.  It also includes planning for the next steps in the role. 

The time your new leader spends out of the business is minimised by delivering these sessions on line.  The sessions can also be recorded allowing further reflection if required.

The Executive Fast Start Coaching is based on years of experience, and our clients have been able to accomplish the following when their onboarding process is supported by our programme:

  • New hires will be making a measurable impact in their role in 3 months rather than the 6-9 months it typically takes for people who have not had this kind of support

  • They are twice as likely to still be with the company in two year’s time - this increased retention rate significantly improves the return on the investment you have made in both hiring and developing them.

  • Are able to deliver more in their roles and report higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction in their first year

Bekka developed this approach while working with a board of directors at Cadbury Schweppes having observed that great executives did not always perform well in their new environment and often left within their first 18 months.  Subsequently she has seen this pattern repeated over and over with companies of assorted sizes in a wide variety of sectors.  

She found herself frustrated with the company who had invested heavily in finding great new people and for those great people who were struggling to perform.  Bekka investigated what was happening and developed a framework which unlocked this situation.  

Since then, Bekka has implemented her proven onboarding formula with companies of all sizes with outstanding results. This coaching program is based on years of experience in business leadership, HR and as a coach.  She is known for her unique ability to facilitate breakthroughs for leaders.

When this framework is combined with her ‘coaching magic’ great results follow.

Thinking about investing in this package for your new executive?

You should invest in this programme for new senior executives and leaders when:

  • You need great results as soon as possible either for someone who is new to the company or who has been promoted into a senior role

  • You are looking for your new hire to make significant changes in your organisation

  • You want to support your existing induction process and unlock your investment

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this package available?
Since this coaching is delivered using a secure online video conference system it is available anywhere with an internet connection.

How much does this coaching cost?
The coaching costs £1995.00 payable in advance.

Does this package mean we don't need to do a company induction for this new executive?
Absolutely not - this package sits alongside your company induction and is designed to unlock the fullest potential in it.  When you combine the two you unlock many more benefits than either alone can.

How confidential is this coaching?

Confidentially is always assured when working with Turquoise Thyme and the contents of each session will remain between the coach and the person being coached.  The sessions can be recorded but will only be shared with the individual being coached.  It will be up to the person being coached what they share back with their employers.

How can I find out if this package is right for our company and for the person we are about to hire?
You have already invested both time and money in finding your new leader and if you want to get the best possible return on those investments and really set them up to succeed this package is probably for you.  However we know you may well have questions and want to discuss it further - if you do just click here   to arrange a call and let's talk.