How are you feeling about 2017?  Excited? Overwhelmed?  Or actually just not ready to think about it yet – and yes you know its almost here but please stop talking about it already, you feel guilty enough as it is!
Maybe you start your days with big plans, but then you quickly find yourself down the rabbit hole and your to-do list goes untouched? Or you’ve got a task list a mile long, big goals and so much more you want to do, but you’re going in circles
And then to add to the stress it is almost the end of the year and everywhere you look it’s plannerfest with the pressure really ramping up to have the perfect plan for 2017.
What if you could just fix that?  You don’t need to feel this way!
What if you could go into Christmas knowing that you had something organised that was going to make sure you have the 2017 you want to have?  How can you make sure those exciting plans happen?  How can you get a plan you are excited about in the first place and how on earth are you going to be productive enough to make it actually happen?
Book yourself a place on the planned and seriously productive programme. 
That is all you need to do this year and then starting in January we will make it all happen together.
I have to admit that the pressure to have that perfect plan and to have it right now – just because the new year is starting frustrates me, so I have decided to do something about it.

I am opening up my first public Planned and Seriously Productive Programme – a programme designed to meet your specific needs based on my years of experience working with big corporations to individuals to help them succeed with whatever they put their mind to.

Here’s What We Cover:
Goal Setting & Vision: Determining where you want to be including goal setting and your vision for your work and life.
Reality Check: A review of what is currently working and not working for you in how you’re doing things now so you can identify what needs to change.
Time Management Principles and Techniques: We’ll use a variety of proven techniques from Covey to the 12 Week Year to Mind Mapping (based on your needs) to help you set the rituals and practices you need.
Based on the above, we’ll work together to design your individualized Planned and Seriously Productive framework that will help you make big (and little) things happen.
There are just 12 spaces available and when we’re done working together, you’re going to have an amazing master plan that helps you move ahead and be productive in ways you never thought possible.
We will meet for an initial kick off day and follow this up with three months membership of an on line support group and monthly live coaching check ins with me.

So how do you know if this programme is right for you and not going to be just another new year’s thing that never really happens…
The fact you even asking yourself that suggests that it is!  The ongoing support that you get with the programme means you are not alone in making this happen. 
So, if ever you feel stuck, overwhelmed or disorganized this programme is likely a great fit.  In fact, it’s a perfect-for-you if: 
  • You’re not meeting business goals for the year
  • You constantly feel overwhelmed or swamped
  • You know there’s got to be another or better way
  • You feel like all you do is work, work and work
  • You’re always running out of time

I know you’ve probably tried different methods over the years, but this is different. It’s based on years of experience as a trainer and coach focused on personal productivity and development. We will use your strengths and your natural work style to develop a plan that works the way you do and supports you in achieving what you want to achieve.

You might have hoped a new planner would do all this for you – but when you have tried that in the past and rather than the planner working for you you have ended up feeling you were creating work to keep up with the planner.  Let’s not go there again!

When you’re done, you won’t just have a system from a book that might work for you. Instead you’ll have a blend of tools and techniques that suit how your brain works, how you best manage your time and more.  Y
ou’re going to have an amazing master plan that helps you move ahead and be productive in ways you never thought possible.
Plus, you’ll finally feel like you’re in control and have the skills you need to manage your day in a way that really works for you.
And you can go into the new year feeling virtuous – not only can you stop worrying about how to get the perfect plan, you will have saved money too! 
Book before 25 December and you will get a place on the planned and seriously productive programme which includes
  • A full day’s interactive and fun workshop
  • Three months membership of a private support group
  • Three live coaching calls
  • A clear and personalised plan
  • Tools and techniques to make this and your future plans happen

I want to make sure the pressure is off for you now – so I have a special offer for those of you who book your space before Christmas.
The full price for this programme is £400, but confirm your place in the group before Christmas Day and it will cost you just £300.
You also have the option of upgrading this to a personal one to one programme, giving you more flexibility and my undivided attention during our time together.  Until Christmas you can save 50% on the upgrade and pay just £400 in total.  So yes, book now and you will be getting a personalised experience for the regular price of the group programme!
Ready to sort your 2017?  
Click here to book now
If you have any questions please do get in touch - we can hop on a call and talk them through.  Just email and we can arrange a mutually convenient time.